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ICU Nurse FAQs

What hospitals in Texas currently have ICU Nurse job opportunities?

The hospitals on NurseFly that currently have the most ICU Nurse jobs in Texas are Methodist Hospital (21 jobs), Methodist Texsan Hospital (19 jobs), and Northeast Methodist Hospital (16 jobs).

What are the best agencies for ICU Nurse jobs in Texas?

The agencies on NurseFly that currently have the most ICU Nurse jobs in Texas are American Mobile Healthcare (161 jobs), KPG Healthcare (101 jobs), and Stability Healthcare (94 jobs).

How Much Do ICU Nurse Jobs Pay in Texas?

For jobs available on NurseFly as of Friday, October 30th 2020, the average weekly salary for a ICU Nurse in Texas is $1,812 but can pay up to $3,037 per week.

  • min - $1,003
  • avg - $1,812
  • max - $3,037

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ICU Nurse Treating Patient

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